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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - the 1937 Radio Drama 


A recreation of old-time radio. This production is an adaptation of the intriguing

work of Lewis Carroll featuring his fantastical characters brought to life through

an impression of voices.


From the author:  "Alice," a fairy story peopled with human beings, animals that

talk like men.  Do they mirror men who act like animals? I do not know.  I merely

wrote a simple story about a little girl for a little girl. Half the world has, for

seventy-two years, called it childish nonsense; the other half, significant social

satire. To me, it has always been simply "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."


Directed by Nate Leonard

Produced by Bob Hill

Sam Deans

Laurie-Ann Millard

Cathy Powers

Delanry Rezac

Peter Rezac

Mathew Rudd

Larry Williams


John Leslie - Piano

Marc Hill - Engineer

General admission ticket price includes complimentary gourmet desserts from Bean Counter Bakery and beverages.

Alice in Wonderland wix photo-01.jpg
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