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Casablanca Falcon cover photo_edited.jpg
Dessert Theatre Double Feature
February 23rd  7:30pm  ·  February 24th  7:30pm  ·  February 25th  2:00pm 
Directed by Nate Leonard, Produced by Robert Hill

An enjoyable evening with delicious, complimentary gourmet desserts from The Bean Counter Bakery and a recreation of old-time radio.

Casablanca - Be transported to 1940's Morocco during the early days of World War II; where the jaded Rick Blaine tries to hide from the chaos in a little nightclub in Casablanca. Rick's self-imposed exile is shattered when his old flame, Ilsa, crashes back into his life with her husband Victor, a Czech revolutionary leader. From there Rick is forced to make a terrible choice with love and lives on the line. 


The Maltese Falcon - When his partner is murdered on an assignment, private detective Sam Spade is drawn into a dangerous case involving a treacherous femme fatale, and a group of nefarious characters all in search of a priceless and mysterious black statuette of a falcon.

An inside look into a radio station, these timeless dramas are brought to life by voice actors, giving you, the audience, the ability to envision every scene in the theatre of your mind. Experience the classic tale of romance and intrigue like you've never experienced it before!


Andrew Bigelow
Colleen Bigelow
Dan Burns
Rose Gage
Colleen Norton
Mat Rudd
David Vilandre
Sound Engineer: Ryan Hebert

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