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1.  Do I have to be a resident of Sterling, MA to be involved in Sterling Community Theatre (SCT)?

     No. Our productions are open to anyone. 


2.  How many shows does SCT do?

     Generally, we produce one large musical production each year in September. In recent years we have also produced a dessert-theatre style show in
     the winter, typically a straight play or radio drama.


3.  Do actors/actresses get paid?

     No. Our performers are all volunteers. SCT shows are funded through donations, fund-raising campaigns, participant dues, program   

     advertisements and ticket sales. 


4.  What if I can't attend a rehearsal or performance?

     Every SCT production has a specific requirement for rehearsal attendance. We appreciate notification of any dates that conflict with

     rehearsals at the beginning of the rehearsal schedule. Excessive absences will result in an individual performance review and possible

     exclusion from a production. Since performances are scheduled well in advance, absence from a show date is not acceptable.


5.  Are there other ways to be involved that do not include being on stage?

     Absolutely! We are always looking for volunteers (16 years of age or older) to help with our productions.  Please see below for a list of
     ways to get more involved!


Costumes- Whether bought, rented, custom made, or embellished, costumes transform everyday people in to bigger-than-life heroes and
villains! So if you enjoy costuming, you’ll find your forte here ... whether you want to design, hunt for treasures in used clothing shops, or simply sew on a button.

Props- From a gold pocket watch to a medieval sword, the magic imagery of props help complete any show. If you have a knack for finding or creating items out of simple materials…we have an opportunity for you!

Fundraising- More goes into a community theatre event than acting, singing and dancing. To ensure SCT continues to provide a valuable learning and cultural outlet, we look to our local community for support with all our fundraising efforts which include local restaurant nights, and candy/flower-gram sales during performances.


Set Building and Painting- After the director has created their vision for a show, our set designer and crew constructs it on our stage. Set pieces enhance the performance of the individuals on stage, but at SCT they must also be functional in a small space and portable. Some of our most creative work occurs at set building on Saturday mornings during the summer.  Why, a door is a just a door until a few strokes of a paintbrush transforms it into the elegant entrance of a mansion!  So if you like to build things, or fancy yourself an artist, join us on a Saturday morning...and take pride in the first applause of the evening.

Concessions- Now really...what is going to the theatre without snacks? During pre-show and intermission, audience members enjoy baked goods, snacks and drinks thanks to our volunteer bakers and operators of the concession stand.

Tickets- The object of having a show is, of course, having people come see it! And they need a ticket to get in. SCT ticket volunteers staff the ticket desk and entrances, greeting the most important people in the show…the audience.

Stage Crew- They dress in black clothes, lurk in the dark and are the unsung heroes who, deal with eccentric personalities on stage and, no matter what, ensure that the show must go on!

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